There is a new archives page,

I went looking for a way to create a nice Archive page where every topic could be seen at a glance, but it turns out that I could not find anything that was descent, and everything I found wasn’t very recent

I saw that people really liked SRG Clean Archives and KG Archives, but the problem with either one is that they have not been updated since 2007  ::yikes::

So I just went ahead and installed and tested both.  Out of the box neither one of them worked.

After looking over the source code for both, it seemed to me that the code for SRG Clean Archives was just too cluttered (no pun intended here).  SRG refers to many different libraries and effects that I don’t really care for.  Like i said before, I just want a simple page.

KG Archive in the other hand is simple, one page of php code, easy to follow and tweak as you like.  I went over the code, made a few tweaks, and even included a short-code tag to replace the way that Kates Gasis, the author of the plug-in first intended to have the plug-in embedded.  This allowed me to clean up a lot of the regular expression matching in the code and make the code simpler and more WordPress friendly.

If you go checkout my new archives page, you can see the plug-in in action, it does what I need it to do, and it works well with WordPress 3.

I won’t be releasing my code changes to KG archive because the code belongs to Kate, Since Kate hasn’t updated the code since 2007, I hope Kate gives me permission so that I can make my own branch of the Plug-in and post in the official Word Press plug-in database

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