I use Google Desktop Search, alot. It is vital for me to be able to find documents quickly and not have to browse through the many folders that i have. But I also want to give my co-workers access to the same data.

So my solution was to move the google cache folder and make it “centrally located”, and to to do this it is pretty easy.

Find your current Cache Folder, it could be found at the following locations depending on your OS:

Windows XP: %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Desktop\

Windows Vista: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Google Desktop\

  • Exit Google Search (Right Click the Icon in the Task Bar and Choose Exit)
  • No open up regedit, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Desktop
  • Change the data_dir key to point to the location of your choice. I picked my F drive (“F:\Google”)
  • Copy the Content of the Old Cache directory to the new one
  • Start Google Desktop again.
  • Done
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