So I was trying to upgrade our Citrix Web Interface. 

I was trying to go from version 4.6 to 5.4 but every time I try to install 5.4 I got an error that said “Installation ended prematurely”.  Looking at the even viewer did not help either, all the event viewer recorded was: 

Um, What?

If you run the loggin option on the web interface installer “webinterface.exe -v “logfile.txt” an interesting error came up in the log, the portion of the log where the installation failed was this:

and you sit there wondering what the heck “CheckOnFat” is, well, that function is part of the a Citrix VB Script that checks the File system of the drive were the Web insterface is being installed.  Its looking to make sure you “DONT” have FAT FS.

And the reason why the check fails?


somehow this dll is not registered properly causing the installation of the Web Interface to fail.

in order to fix it

  1. Open up a CMD window
  2. CD to %Windir%\SysWOW64\
  3. run regsvr32 /u scrrun.dll to UNregister (this will probably fail)
  4. run regsvr32 scrrun.dll to register it (this will work)
  5. run the unregister again, just to make sure that the registration worked the last time
  6. re-register agian
  7. Install the Web Interface

And then you can go on with your day!!

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