Recently a Pinchii reader 🙂 sent me a message asking how I created the “CrystalServer2008” Application Pool as part of the solution in the post titled “Error 80040154 when using .Net Infoview”

What I had not realized is that I never posted the Instructions on how to Install Crystal Server on 2008 which I had promised, and hence, the Instructions on how to create the Application Pool were also never posted. Well, here is how to Create the “CrystalServer2008” Application Pool:

  • Open Up Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  • Expand the Entry for your server, it looks like [ServerName (Domain\User)]
  • There are two items there, 1 is “Application Pools” and the Other is “Sites”
  • Right Click on Application Pools and Select “Add Application Pool”
  • When the Wizard comes up, give it a Name, in this Case “CrystalReports2008”
    (the reason I give it that name, is so I know what the Application Pool is for,
    and normally I name the Application Pool Similar to the Site that hosts the Application)
  • Change Managed Pipeline to Classic
  • Now Right Click the Newly Created AppPool and Select “Advanced Settings”
  • Change “Enable 21-Bit Application” to True
  • This last step is not necessary, but I did it because I setup Kerberos Single Sign On, Change the Identity from Network, to a Domain Service Account
  • Restart the Application Pool
  • Done

Here is a Screen shot of what my Application Pool Looks like

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