I run virtualbox for my personal VM solution, and the problem is sometimes you need to access the serial port on those virtual machines.  I have never found an easy way to do this, but then i saw a post that gave me an idea.  Over on VMware Forums back in 2004 someone posted that to connect to serial named pipes, they just type in the pipe name as the serial port.

So i went about trying to figure out how to configure that in VirtualBox and it worked, so now i’ll share with you my configuration:

Configuring VirtualBox

  1. Open up VirtualBox
  2. Go into Settings
  3. Select Serial Ports
  4. Click on “Enable Serial Port”
  5. For port number, select the port of the virtual machine that you want to conect to, in my case its “Com1”
  6. For port mode, select “Host Pipe”
  7. Check the “Create Pipe” box
  8. For Port/File Path fill it in with the following value:

    com_port_name can be whatever name you want to give it
  9. That is it on the VirtualBox side, now to configure Putty!

Connecting with Putty

  1. Open Putty
  2. Under connection type, choose “Serial”
  3. In the “Serial Line” text box put in the name of the pipe that you used in the Virtual Serial port setup, in our case \\.\pipe\com_port_name
  4. Leave the “Speed” setting at 9600 and hit connect
  5. once the window comes up, you should start seeing output from your virtual serial port, if you dont, hit enter once and voila!

Thats all for today!!

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