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Disabling Windows Search as your Default Search Program

I have many windows 2003 servers that for one reason or another need to have Windows Search installed. I don’t like windows search, I much rather use the classic search or a nice little program called Agent Ransack

If you already have Windows Search Installed, when you press Ctrl+F3 you get Windows Search to come up, but thanks to the John @ John’s Adventures Blog I found a nice little solution that works to restore the classic search and I thought I’d share it with everyone


by Setting the Registry Key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Desktop Search\DS\ShowStartSearchBand to 0, when you press Ctrl+F3 you get the classic search again.  To put things back, just set the key back to 1

There is also a “Local Machine” key located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Desktop Search\DS\ShowStartSearchBand.  This key disables desktop search from coming up on the entire server, but I much rather disable it for my own user ID, and let anyone who likes Windows Search to keep using it.


Search On!!

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Replace Default NetScaler Certificate for the Management GUI

If you have a Citrix Netscaler and you need to manage it, you have to connect to the NetScaler IP (NIP) with a browser.  But if you try to connect to it via HTTPS either with IE or Firefox you will get an “Invalid Certificate” Error.


Trying to follow the instructions in the Citrix Article (CTX122521) “How to Replace the Default Certificate of a NetScaler Appliance with a Trusted CA Certificate that Matches the Hostname of the Appliance” is just too cumbersome, and I knew there had to be an easier way to do it via the GUI, and there is:

Before we start I am assuming you already have a certificate installed in the NetScaler, either a cert that matches the host name of the NetScaler or a Wild Card cert

If you dont know how to install a certificate on the NetScalers, I suggest you read these article
How to Generate and Install a Public SSL Certificate on a NetScaler Appliance (CTX109260)
– How to Transfer Certificates from IIS to the NetScaler(CTX109031)


  1.  Log into your NetScaler using an account with “superuser” powers (nsroot, etc)
  2. Expand the “Load Balancing” Tab and click on “Services”
  3. On the right side under services click the “Internal Services” tab
  4. Highlight the “nshttps-” service and click the “Open” button
  5. In the “Configure Service” window, click the “SSL Settings” tab
  6. Under the “Configured” certificates you will see the default “ns-server-certificate”, highlight it and click the “Remove” button
  7. Under the “Available” certificates, highlight the certificate you want to use and click the “Add” button (in my case, the “Pinchii Wildcard SSL Cert” from Godaddy)
  8. Hit “Ok” and close out of that window
  9. Repeat the same procedure for “nsrpcs-” and “nsrpcs-” as these are the “services” used when you configure the NetScalers using the “Web Start Client” Java App
  10. Hit “Save” and then “Refresh All” to save your new configuration to the NetScalers


Thats it, now next time you try to login to your NetScalers with a HTTPS connection you will have a valid SSL cert and you should have no warnings or problems with IE or Firefox

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Updating Scheduled Tasks Via VB Script

So I found myself in a situation where I needed to update over 100 scheduled tasks and I really did not feel like doing them by hand, so I thought I’d create a script that would update them for me.

Here is what i came up with:

Thats pretty much it, Out of about 200 scheduled tasks this script found and updated about 105 of them that needed to be changed.

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