So I was Trying to add reports to Crystal Reports Server through the CMC, and I was getting an error that was not letting me upload the reports.  Adding the report via InfoView did not work either, InfoView only gave you a “time out” error but I suspect in the background, it was the same as the error I was getting through the CMC

The Error Reads:

So of course, I check out the SAP support forums, and most questions, if not all questions that I found went unanswered and unresolved.  The SAP Notes (The Paid Support) were no help either.

After much troubleshooting, this is what I came up with to fix the issue:

  • Open up the report in Crystal Reports 
  • From the Menu pick File -> Page Setup
  • Select the check box that says “No Printer (Optimized for screen display)”

And that’s all there is to it, once you do that, “reportadd.exe” wont error out anymore.  I guess this is some issue with the Crystal Report File format, but whatever the case, this is a quick and painless fix for me.


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