Recently someone asked me how to reset the Administrator password on a Crystal Reports Servers 2008 installation without losing all the data. I’m going to share here the solution, just in case someone else is searching for the same thing.

In the Crystal Database, there is a table called “InfoObjects6”, maybe you have already heard of it in one of my previous post.  In this table, the object with objectID = 12 is the Administrator account.

So, in order to reset the admin password, run this query:

For those whom are curious what this really does. The CRC is the “hash” that verifies that the value of the “Properties” column has not been changed. By setting it to blank, it makes whatever password is stored under Properties Invalid. Next time you try to log in, a new “default” password hash will be created along with a new CRC.

Basically, it will set the Administrator password to blank, at which point you can log in and set it to whatever you want!!

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