I had an issue were I started to publish reports via Crystal Reports Server 2008, but if I included the variable SI_VIEWER_URL so that a link to the report would be included, it always went to wrong host name, and not to the DNS Alias that I setup.  Also, It kept referring to the “JAVA” openDocument viewer, and I am using the .NET version.


So in order to change it:

Log In to the CMC

Under Management Click “Applications”


Under the Applications View Right Click on CMC and Select “Processing Settings”


Then Finally Replace the URL that is in the Box, with whatever it is you need your URL to look like.  Note the Extension change to ASPX from JSP because i’m running the .NET Viewer

Thats all there is.  Now Next time you include the SI_VIEWER_URL variable, it should point to the URL you entered in the CMC Settings Above.

Happy Reporting!!

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