Unable to Connect Via RDP

I dont know why this happens,

but on some of my Citrix Servers you sometimes cannot connect via RDP

and guess what, a reboot doesn’t fix it.

Well, this handy little script will help solve your issue, not only with RDP, but also with ICA


RDP / ICA Reset Script

I dont remember exactly where I got this script but its been in my toolbox for a while, credit to the originator whomever you may be

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Check which Policy is being hit on the Citrix NetScaler

Want to know which policy is being hit on the netscaler.  In real time!!

  1. From the Command line of the netscaler type
  2. issue the command
  3. What to check for a specific Policy, just add the “grep” command

    where “Citrix” is the Policy you are looking to trace


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Failed to open the connection When Viewing Report On Crystal Server 2011

So you created a report in Crystal Designer 2011 (or whatever other version) and it runs well on your system.  You uploaded it to your Shiny New Crystal Reports Server 2011 (BO 4.0, XI4, whatever you call it) and it doesn’t work.  You can’t view the report because you get an error:

The Problem is that Crystal Designer is 32-bit, and Crystal Server 2011 is 64-bit.

So if you want to use your report on Crystal Server 2011, you need to add the ODBC connection to the server using the \Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe ODBC Manager Control panel.  After that, your report should run just fine.

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Something Funny I found today on my NetScaler

When I went to kick off a user from my production netscaler, this is the message that popped up:

No more logged in? Really? Citrix? Really? lolz for all!!



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Hack Attempt on

So today someone tried to hack my blog.  I guess some people are just bored and need something to do.


Anyway, here is what they tried to do, I got this in my “hack prevention” scripts that I have running on the site

And also

The content of the File “images.php” is

Looks like they are trying to gain CMD on my Apache server

If you guys are getting the same, I suggest you block PHP files in your wp-content folder

Oh, and for those of you that are curious, this is what the “binary payload” looks like

Stay Safe!!


P.S. I posted it on to warn others a well (

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Updated: How to Fail Over Crystal Reports Server 2008


I have been getting emails asking me questions on my post how-to-failover-crystal-reports-server-2008 so I thought I’d update the post and also add a few images to make the procedure simpler to follow.  Please drop a comment and let me know if the update helped.

Hope you all enjoy!!


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New Archives Page

There is a new archives page,

I went looking for a way to create a nice Archive page where every topic could be seen at a glance, but it turns out that I could not find anything that was descent, and everything I found wasn’t very recent

I saw that people really liked SRG Clean Archives and KG Archives, but the problem with either one is that they have not been updated since 2007  ::yikes::

So I just went ahead and installed and tested both.  Out of the box neither one of them worked.

After looking over the source code for both, it seemed to me that the code for SRG Clean Archives was just too cluttered (no pun intended here).  SRG refers to many different libraries and effects that I don’t really care for.  Like i said before, I just want a simple page.

KG Archive in the other hand is simple, one page of php code, easy to follow and tweak as you like.  I went over the code, made a few tweaks, and even included a short-code tag to replace the way that Kates Gasis, the author of the plug-in first intended to have the plug-in embedded.  This allowed me to clean up a lot of the regular expression matching in the code and make the code simpler and more WordPress friendly.

If you go checkout my new archives page, you can see the plug-in in action, it does what I need it to do, and it works well with WordPress 3.

I won’t be releasing my code changes to KG archive because the code belongs to Kate, Since Kate hasn’t updated the code since 2007, I hope Kate gives me permission so that I can make my own branch of the Plug-in and post in the official Word Press plug-in database

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September 11, 2010

As a New Yorker and an American, I could not let today pass without reflecting back to that Tuesday morning when the attacks happened.

I don’t think anyone will ever forget the attack and the lives lost that day.  I hope that in this very painful, memory filled day for so many families, that they can find hope, strength, and I just want to say that the city of new york and the country shares in your pain.

Never forget

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Comments and Contact Me Enabled

So I decided to enable the Comments and Also fixed the Contact me Page, just in case anyone has any questions on any of my posts or just wants to say “Thanks”

Please note that I don’t collect your “comment” emails, rather I purge the emails (more like a DB update) once a week so that no one can get them. I hate spam as much as everyone else 🙂

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Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone

Please join everyone in remembering and honoring our military men and women

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