After you setup your Sharepoint, you later find that you have to add another service. (or you delete a service and recreate it)

In my case, I had to re-add the “User Profile Service Application”.

Turns out after I added it, the USPA was not part of the Default Application Proxy Group

(_admin/WebApplicationList.aspx -> Service Connections)

I found an article online by Amit Khanna Tittle “Associating services to Custom Application Proxy Groups in Sharepoint 2010”, which explained how to create a new group and associate a service, so I figured that would help me.

The one problem I found was that when I put in “default” as the proxy group name I got an error “Object not found”
It’s obviously an error with the Name or “Identity” of the ProxyGroup, and the command¬†Get-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup gives you the “friendly” name of the service, but not the real name. ¬†In order to get the real name you need to run this command “Get-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup | Select Name,Id”Interestingly enough, you can see that the real name is “<blank>”.

So, if you try to run that command again, but leaving the Identity of the proxy group blank, and passing the GUID of the memberyou will successfully add the service application the default group



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