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Garbled Text in ADB Shell

When you “ADB Shell” into your android Device and perform an “ls” command, and you are seeing a log of gabled text ¬†with some numbers and some arrows, don’t freak out, your device is not broken. ¬†Those numbers and arrows are meant to be instructions for your console app to display the different folders with colors

no you don’t have to live with it, just tell your console not to display the color information anymore, just simply type

and then you should be ok when you issue a “ls” command

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How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 SkyRocket

Just a quick post for those looking for the same thing….

I had to factory reset my new Galaxy S2 SR, I tweaked something that made the device completely unstable, and the instructions for the regular Samsung Galaxy S2 dont work.

  1. Turn off the Phone (or Pull the battery)
  2. Hold down the Vol + AND the Vol – keys AND the Power Key until the First Samsung Splash Screen comes up and quickly let go of the keys
  3. This will bring you to the Android recovery menu
  4. Use the Vol + and Vol – keys to move up and down the menu, and use the Home key (the one under the “SAM” in the Samsung logo at the bottom of the phone) to select the menu options
  5. Pick the Factory Reset Option
  6. Next Menu will have a bunch of No’s and one Yes, Scroll down to the Yes
  7. Hit the Home Key
  8. After the Reset, Pick Reboot Phone

Done, Nice and Clean

And yes, I know the Settings menu has a reset option, but the phone wouldn’t even work well enough to get to the menu


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