In Crystal Reports Server 2008 (and Older versions too), Whenever a user gets deleted or reports are imported, and if the original owner does not exist, the reports get automatically assigned to the “Administrator” User

This can become a pain if you already have security setup, where only owners can change reports.

In order to change report owners, you have to use the SDK, but SAP does a poor job even explaining how to do it, which is why im posting my own quick and dirty .NET solution to changing report owner (SI_OWNERID) in Crystal Report Server

The Code at the heart of it all:

– This function will pull the reports from Crystal, and bind itself to the gridview control called gridview1


– The next piece of code.  This is a built in Gridview Method, so you have to write your own code to update the Infostore

– The Last piece of code is the function I use to retrieve the list of users. Once I have that list of users, I create a datatable and bind it a combo box which displays the user name, but returns the user ID. With that User ID, I set the new SI_OWNERID

Thats pretty much it, Those 3 functions are the heart of my application and should either help you complete your project, or get it started.

Im not a .NET developer, I learned to develop C++, Basic, PHP, Java, etc, so if you find mistakes in my code or better ways to do things, please post a comment.  If you want a full copy of my project, where you can just download it and use it, just Contact Me and I will email you a copy of the entire project.

I dont have a Java Version of my code, but If you are looking for a Java Solution, look at Bob Loblaw’s Code from, his bit of code can put you in the right direction


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