I have production NetScalers, but I also wanted to have a NetScaler on my desktop that I could quickly jump into, make changes, and not worry about breaking something.

Citrix offers a NetScaler Image for ESX, the problem is that the image wont work / load correctly in VMWare Desktop 7, but with a few steps you can have NetScaler running on VMware Desktop in no time.


Before I begin, I’m assuming that you have VMWare Desktop 7 already Installed, and that you have a login to Citrix.com, also, I’m working with NSVPX-ESX-9.2-50.4


  1. Go to Citrix.com and Download the NetScaler VPX for ESX (If you dont see any downloads, you must login first)
  2. Unzip the file using your favorite utility, Once done you should be left with 3 files (.vmdk, .mf, and .ovf)
  3. Create another folder where your “Converted” VM will go
  4. Open up the command prompt (Start -> Run -> CMD) and CD over to the OVFtool folder (for me located at C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware OVF Tool)
  5. Run this command

  6. Now that the command completed, look in your “converted” folder and you should see 2 files (.vmx, .vmdk)
  7. Using your favorite editor, open up the .VMX file and find the line that reads

    Replace that line with
  8. Save the .VMX file, and Move your newly created “converted” folder to wherever it is that you keep your VM machines
  9. Open VMWare Desktop 7, click on File -> Open, find your “converted” folder and select the .VMX file (its probably the only file you can see in the folder)
  10. Now click the Green Start button and off you go, you should end up in a prompt forĀ  asking you for the NetScalers IPv4 address.
  11. Make sure to setup your IP based on the type of Networking you have setup for your VM, if you are using bridged, pick an IP from your routers range, if using NAT assing a 192.168.26.x IP (VMWare Default Range for NAT) and forward port 80 to that IP, if using host only, you dont need to forward port 80 but just make sure you know which IP range it uses
  12. Setup your IP’s any way you want, point your browser over to “http://ipyouchosetouse” and enjoy using your NetScaler on VMWare Desktop 7
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