I thought it was cool when I found that Citrix had a Citrix License Virtual Appliance.

To me, it was one less server to “manage” plus it would allow add it to my VMWare environment to make it highly available.  Well, i was disappointed to find out it was only for xenserver, so I set out to use it with VMware (because I dont like when a company tells me i cant)


This is going to take some time, and you will need to download a few things, so pay attention

You need:

Citrix License Server XVA from the Citrix Website

VirtualBox 4 from Oracle

CentOS 5 x64 Live CD ISO

XenServer ISO



How to Proceed:

Create a VM in VMWare and install XenServer (give it at least a 30GB disk)

Note the new IP of your XenServer and connect to it via your browser and follow the link to Install XenCenter

From XenCenter Load up the Citrix Licensing XVA file

Boot the VM once and then shut it down (dont configure it)

Export the License server again to an XVA (C:\Temp)


Right now you are wondering WHY we are going back to XVA, let me explain.  Citrix “mangled” the header of the XVA file so only XenServer could import it.  If you try to convert it directly with XenConvert you will get an error.


Install and Run XenConvert

Choose to Convert from “Xen Virtual Appliance” to “Open Virtualization Package” and just accept all the default options

When the Converter finishes, you will be left with a VHD and an OVF file.


Install and Run VirtualBox

Create a new VM called “Citrix License Server Virtual Appliance”

Choose Redhat 64-bit as the OS

Give it 512mb of RAM

Remove / Disable the Sound Card

Choose the previously created VHD (from XenConvert) as the harddisk

Boot it once, you will get an error “Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format”

Shut down the machine and from the menu choose “export appliance” and export it as an “OVF” <–THIS IS IMPORTANT


Open up the newly created OVF XML file with your trust text editor and change the line that read

Note: I take ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT FOR THE FOLLOWING, this was a post from an excellent blog called IT Secure Net and you can find the post here






and also

<rasd:Description>SATA Controller</rasd:Description>


<rasd:Description>SCSI Controller</rasd:Description>

Now deploy the OVF to your ESX Server.  You will get a couple of warnings about the OS and asking you to continue, just hit YES

Once it finishes, start up your new VM, which should bring you back to the familiar “Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format” we saw earlier.


This whole time we spent it just converting the Appliance.  Now we need to get it to run on VMWare.

Find that CentOS 5 X64 and Attach it to the new VM

Boot the VM and when prompted hit F5 “Linux Rescue”

Enable the Network Interface when prompted (you will need Internet Access)

From the shell, run the following commands

now view your /boot/grub/menu.lst, if it already has an entry for the new kernel (2.6.18-348.6.1.el5) then you are good to go, otherwise lets use grubby to add it

Now reboot (dont forget to disconnect the CentOS 5 ISO) and configure your new license server and Enjoy

If for whatever reason you get the “Error 13” screen again, re-load the linux rescue and delete the old entries for the el5xen kernel and img from the /boot/grub/grub.conf file

There you go Citrix, I just did your work for you!!

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