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Broke SSH in DD-WRT After Upgrade – This is How to Fix it

I recently updated my version of DD-WRT from 14xxx to the latest and greatest 18946

I know that they recommend you do the 30/30/30 reset, but you know what, I didn’t want to lose all my settings.

What I found when the router restarted, is that everything worked fine, Except for SSH

It seems that as of version 17xxx the guys are DD-WRT switched from OpenSSH to Dropbear. No big deal really, exept the SSH keys are not compatible with each other, thus preventing SSH from running.

To fix SSH:

    • Enable Telnet
    • Telnet into your router and run the following commands:
      1. cd /tmp/root/.shh/
      2. rm authorized_keys
      3. rm ssh_host_dss_key
      4. rm ssh_host_rsa_key
      5. nvram unset sshd_rsa_host_key
      6. nvram commit
      7. reboot

Once the Router Restarts, SSH should be working, and when you try to login, you will get a prompt to accept the new Key Generated by DropBear


Don’t Forget to Disable Telnet

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Wake-On-Lan Shell Script for DD-WRT [Updated 08/2012]

I needed a way to wake up my server when I was away.  I don’t like to keep it running all day, so Wake-On-Lan was the solution for me.  I run DD-WRT as the Firmware on my router, so I knew that I could write some kind of script for it to do that for me.  Since DD-WRT already includes a Wake-On-Lan binary, I searched the DD-WRT site, and found a script that is supposed to do WOL, but it didnt really work, so I borrowed the Idea, and created my own:

Update [08/2012]:
DD-WRT now requires you to add “#!/bin/sh” to the beginning of every script, so I updated the Script Accordingly!!

Once you get the script into your router, to use it, all you have to do is type “./ <servername> and the script will handle the rest

This script looks at your dnsmasq.conf file, so if you have a DHCP reservation for your server like I do, it should be included in this file as a “static” ip adress, along with the MAC address, which is what you really need for WOL to work

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