Before I start, I need to let everyone know that I use Windows 2008 as my laptop OS, so when I tried to install my Brother HL-2170W printer, I got the error

The printer installation failed. Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000643)

Well, Kevin Daub posted an article on his blog on how to fix this issue, basically go into Device Manager and delete the WSD print device.  Well, when I went looking, guess what, there is no Web Services for Devices (WSD) print device in Windows 2008, and I learned that this is by default.

So I figured that this is the reason why adding my wireless printer was failing, but how do I add WSD to windows 2008? Luckily I found article KB951449 in the MS Knowledge Base.

What the KB article says is:

  • Go into Server Manager and Add “Print Services” Role
  • Go into the Servers Firewall Configuration and Add an exception for the Network Discovery service

After doing that, Voila!, it all works as it should

Happy Printing!!

The printer installation failed. weOperation could not be completed (error 0x00000643)

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