So you have over 100 Informatica workflows and you need to stop them from running. Well, you can set the Integration service to “Safe” mode, but doing so won’t allow your developers to go in and look at the workflows. As of version 8.6.1 of PowerCenter you can only go into the workflows when in safe mode if you are assigned the Administrator role, and no one wants to make their developers administrators (do you?)

Ok, so here is your solution, run the batch file bellow, and watch as your workflows get uncheduled one at a time (note that i use SQLCMD, but you can use OSQL or ISQL, just adjust the command bellow):

This piece of code should set your workflows to unscheduled, and your developers can still have access to the workflows

This has worked well for me, specially when taking a production copy of a repository and restoring it elsewhere for testing

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