I was trying to read a CSV file with Powershell, with the command

but I Kept getting the error :


I messed around with the “path” of the Import-CSV command but I just couldn’t make it work.  Apparently this has nothing to do with the path of the CSV file.  The Warlock posted this on his blog:

Long story short, the error came from having trailing blank columns in my CSV. Import-Csv uses the first row in the CSV as names for the columns (unless you specify otherwise) and when you have blank columns (or at least multiple blank columns) it causes this error as it doesn’t have a valid name for them

Instead of changing the file, I changed my import command to include the headers as per Dales Comment and it worked perfect:


The Warlock and Dale saved me lots of time, please stop by the Warlock’s blog and give them a big “Thanks”

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