If you are getting the error:

Tibco Hawk Display Wrapper

Exception in tibhawkregistry::GetDisplayCommandLine(): Unable to construct TIBCO Hawk Dsiplay command line.  Exception detail: Unable to resolve Java Runtime Environment.  Standard JRE install not present in Windows NT registry and no override specified in TIBCO Hawk configuration

Well, the all mighty Microsoft Process Monitor has Hawk looking in the registry under Local Machine “Java Software” or some weird name like that.  As we all know Java Software doesn’t exist in the MS world.

The best and quickest solution to this problem is to go into Hawk Configuration, and adding the JRE from your Tibco Runtime Agent software

  1. Click on Tibco Hawk Configuration Utility
  2. In the General Tab Click Advanced
  3. In the “Java Home Directory” put in C:\tibco\jre\1.6.0 or whatever other JRE you have installed
  4. In the JVM Executable put in Java.exe

Hit ok, launch Hawk Display and Enjoy!!

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