Inserting screen shots into Office documents used to be a 2 or 3 or even 4 step process.  If you didn’t have one of those screen capture utilities, then you were left with using Alt+PrintScreen or Ctrl+PrintScreen, then pasting that into MS Paint, cropping out whatever area you wanted to include, copying that, and then pasting it into your email or word document, that’s just the way it is….until Office 2010

With Office 2010 you can use the new screen shot utility…

Under Word, or Excel, or Even While composing an email in outlook….From the Menu Ribbon Select Insert, then Pick Screen Shot

You get the option of selecting one of the windows that are visible, or you can pick the “Screen Clipping” option which allows you to pick a section of the screen


Now that’s what I call a cool feature.  Good Job Microsoft.

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