I needed to update the placeholders in crystal reports server 2011 for the FRS services.  In CRS2008 I changed them using placeholders.bat, but the current PlaceHolders.bat file is outdated and meant to be used on XI 3 I think.  So first I had to take it upon myself to make placeholder.bat compatible with CRS2011 / BI4. (Because WE ALL KNOW SAP wont do it for us)

Here is the modified placeholders.bat script:

Combine it with Placeholders.class from the placeholders.zip (SAP Note 1449399) and now you can change any pleaceholder


First lets test out the command

Now Lets update the 2 FRS Placeholders DefaultInputFRSDir and DefaultOutputFRSDir



the Before placeholder.bat_before

and the after





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