When it comes to exchange, I hate when my mailbox becomes slow.  This is something that I’m sure we all deal with.  Microsoft recommends that you keep 5000 items or less.  I got tired of manually organizing my Inbox, so what I did was create a VBA Macro for Outlook, that goes through a folder you select and sorts items out by month.

First, I manually take all the emails for a certain year and put them in a folder

Then I run the macro

Once its done, the organize form will disappear, and if you go look at your folders, they will be organized from January to December (look at screen shot #3) and the corresponding messages moved to them.


Now, the code:

Create a new form, to mimic this one

and then paste this code on the form

That’s the entire Organize Script.  You can use this code as is, or modify it to fit your own needs.



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