I got more Nerd Stuff comming your way. Yeah it seems that there’s alot of that going around, but what can I say, I spend half the day in front of a computer, half behind a camera, and half under my card (yes thats 3 halfs).

Note that the screen shots are from Windows XP but will work the same way in windows 7, Vista, Whatever (I did it on my windows 7 laptop and it worked)

  • Install the Verizon Card as a modem (The One I have is a Verizon PC5740 which is not even supported in Windows 7), this card is actually a Curitel PC Card and the Driver that you need is the Curitel PC Card Composite Device drivers
  •  After you have the card installed, create a new dial up network connection
  • Give the connection a name (I picked verizon card, but you can call it whatever you want)


  • The Dial up phone number is #777



  • Username is : cardphonenumber@vzw3g.com
    Password is : vzw (default for all Verizon cards)
    Note that cardphonenumber is the number of YOUR card, you wont believe how many questions I get asked on this


  • Then if you feel like it, add the connection to your desktop


  • Done, Enjoy your new toy (Side Note: Sprint uses the same card so I’m prettu sure these intructions will work for the Sprint card as Well)

Sorry about the missing images guys, someone hacked the site and deleted everything, and I didnt have a backup, If enough people ask I will re-do the screen shots, sorry!!

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